Four-Link Kit

Cool Cars’ triangulated four-link kit comes with mounting tabs and all the hardware shown here, and it will fit most minis with the exception of Rangers. Check out Cool Cars’ website, and browse through the big assortment of other air-ride parts you’ll need to ’bag your truck.

Knob Job

Looking for a super-sick, custom-painted shifter knob to add some cool to your cab? Wicked Knobs, operated by Jim Osborne, can only be found on Facebook at the moment, so log in and check out the awesome selection of knobs that are available. The quality of paint on these knobs is incredible, and the attention to detail is simply amazing. Jim hand-paints each and every knob with care, and with nearly 30 different styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one or two you’ll love. Call Jim at (630) 788-0636, or search for Wicked Knobs on Facebook!

New Lube

Kendall GT-1 motor oil with Liquid Titanium delivers twice the improvement in fuel economy. In addition to boosting fuel economy, Kendall motor oil also offers outstanding engine wear protection, bonding to critical hot spots to create a molecular shield that helps decrease surface damage and reduce friction. Long story short, Kendall motor oil will do nothing but great things for your minitruck, so grab some before the next oil change.