The Interior Shop
13011 North Cave Creek Road #4
Phoenix, AZ 85022

Todd Jubert knows interiors. He should, he’s been doing them for over 20 years now and professionally since ’96 when he opened up The Interior Shop. The location has moved around a few times since that first day, but he’s always stayed in the Phoenix area, and he’s always remembered his roots.

Todd is a minitrucker at heart, even though he’s owned a wide variety of vehicles. Situated right above the shop’s front door is a framed copy of the 20th anniversary Mini Truckin’ poster, a testament to the vehicles that have come through his shop door over the years. The hallway, shop, and even his office are all shrines to the amazing work he’s done, with framed copies of every article and magazine cover in which his work has appeared. There are so many magazines along every square inch of interior real estate that it’s hard to see the paint on the walls underneath.

So what do they do at The Interior Shop? If it’s on the inside of a car or truck, they handle it. From custom-molded seats to full interior fabrication, they can do it all and get it done in a reasonable amount of time. It’s also a family-run operation, with Todd’s father Chuck in the mix as well. Frank rounds out the operation, running the sewing machine as well as wrapping panels in tandem with the rest of the group.

Doubters of their ability need look no further than the list of the vehicles that have come and gone through the shop. There’s the legendary Time Machine, Reheat, and Todd’s own Minitrucker Mentality to name a few, and that’s just the minis. Delve into hot rods and fullsize trucks, and the list could go on for a few more pages at least. Todd has built up an impressive resume over the years, and he continues to do so as the shop takes in more customers.

During our visit, a few Mini Truckin’ celebs showed up to show their support for the guy and the shop that helped put them on top. The Interior Shop has put out quite a few cool minis in its days, and if you have a project that needs an interior overhaul, look no further than Todd and his crew.

The Interior Shop
13011 N Cave Creek Rd # 4
AZ  85022