In 1988, the foil-constrained layer-damping technology was introduced and approved to the industry by GM and began in vehicle production the next year. Today, HushMat Ultra is the only OEM Spec-approved damping material available to the automotive do-it-yourself market.

HushMat Ultra is one of the easiest to install vibration damping and thermal insulation materials available. The unique properties allow for installation using only two basic tools: hands and scissors. The material is formulated to perform and maintain its flexibility at a wide temperature range of -30 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

HushMat has mastered the complex technology in the automotive acoustics, sealing, and thermal insulation categories with advanced product technology that requires:

* No surface preparation
* No acetone or alcohol wash
* No heat guns or glue
* Easily conforms to contoured surfaces
* Reduces install time by more than half

HushMat Ultra materials are universally applied to any vehicle on the road today and will treat the firewall, floor, tunnel, doors, trunk, trunk lid, quarter panels, roof, and hood. Simply peel and stick. So, whether you're going to body-drop your mini and want to sound proof the cab, or you just want some better performance out of your stereo, this is the stuff to use. Special thanks to Santa Fe Auto Sound in Overland Park, Kansas, for the use of their facility. For more information, visit