Where You At?
Kenwood USA has combined their new high-end mobile DVD receiver and navigation system into an aggressively priced, high-value package: the P-NAV6019. The new DVD receiver, DDX6019, is a dual-DIN model that features a 6.95-inch widescreen monitor with anti-glare surface and "reverse angle tilt" for easier viewing during glaring sunlight conditions. The DDX6019 is powered by a 50-watt amplifier and will play DVD, VCD, MP3, WMA, and JPEG still pictures on disc. For mobile radio enthusiasts, the receiver features a standard AM/FM tuner and is Sirius Satellite Radio ready and HD Radio ready. The package includes the new KNA-G510 mobile navigation system using Garmin software. The system includes maps for the entire U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The system uses WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System), a ground-based antenna system that is used to correct errors from multiple GPS satellite signals and provide much greater positional accuracy to within three meters. The KNA-G510 is XM Traffic and Weather ready with the addition of the optional GXM-30 TCM, traffic info ready for real-time traffic incidents, and traffic flow can be integrated for best routing preferences and displayed in the mapping screen. For more information, visit www.kenwoodusa.com.

Cover It
Covercraft's exclusive performance fabric, WeatherShield, features a patented immersion encapsulation process using heat and pressure to bond an ultra-thin polymer film around the fabric fibers, as well as a durable, breathable barrier within the woven fabric. Due to this technology, WeatherShield sheds water as soon as it hits the surface, while allowing the material to breathe, releasing heat and moisture trapped under the cover. WeatherShield is compact and lightweight for ease of handling. An average-size car cover folds into 1/3 the space of a non-woven fabric cover, and depending on the size of the cover, you can clean it in a home washer and dryer. Covercraft has custom-fitted vehicle protection for any size. This material provides the best all-weather protection available for your paint and interior. For more information, call (800) 426-8377 or visit www.covercraft.com.

Watt U Lookin' At
KP Components introduces its Bolt-On Watts Link Kit. Named after its inventor, James Watt, the Watts link was originally designed to keep the piston rod centered on a steam engine. The design has also been used in the last 50 years, mostly on race cars, as a means to center the rear axle. Using their vast knowledge of suspension and design, the crew at KP Components has designed a true bolt-on Watts link kit. The kit features a 100% bolt-on design, laser-cut and CNC-formed steel, Grade 8 mounting hardware, complete wraparound differential bracket with vertical and horizontal supports, Watts link bars made from heavy-walled DOM tubing, four 3/4-inch Heim joints, and detailed instructions. The Watts link kit works with existing KP Components four-links and cantilever systems, and it is also compatible with most other aftermarket parallel four-link kits on the market. For more information, contact KP Components at (866) 575-4657 or log onto www.kpcomponents.com.