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Parts and Information - Flame throwers, hot-rod gauges, old-school horns . . . need we say more? - Check out these '50s aluminum air cleaners - Diamondback Classics can custom-vulcanize your choice of wide whitewall, red line, blue line, and gold line tires as large as 20 inches - If all else fails, go to the mecca for all things old and new - they have it all - Mexican blankets for all your upholstery needs, with ponchos to boot - Retro taillights and accessories - Chopped more trucks than anyone we know of - Do you even have to ask? - Retro aluminum accessories for your interior - For all your retro accessory needs - The makers of Zodiac glitter vinyl; search "Zodiac" on the main page - The original, a veritable candy store of hot-rod parts and culture - Manufacturer of old-school wheels as well as larger billet versions: 20-inch smoothies, rallies, or Lakesters - just plain sick - They have everything, including LED nostalgia taillight replacements

Google: George Barris, Daryl Starbird, Carl Casper, Bill Cushenberry, AMT model car, The Alexander Brothers, Rick Dore, and John D'Augustino

Movies: American Graffiti, Hot Rod 1950, Devil on Wheels, Fast and Furious (the original 1954 version), and Hollywood Knights