Wicked Wood Works
The ultimate custom pieces for in-home decoration are here. Wicked Wood Works hand-designs custom coat racks, mirrors, ceiling fan blades, and many other items to really personalize your bedroom and show off your mini-truckin' pride. Any design that you can imagine can be built. Customize your living space one item at a time and organize your mess while you're at it. For more information, contact: Wicked Wood Works, Dept. MT, 1516 S. Belmont St., West Covina, CA 91790, (626) 918-5651, wickedwoodworks@charter.net.

Amp Your System
The JBL Grand Touring-series (GTO) amps offer enhanced performance, reliability, and value. The GTO-series of dedicated Class D subwoofer amplifiers and full-range amplifiers includes three subwoofer amps, two full-range amps, and a six-channel amp designed to drive an entire system. For more information, contact: JBL Mobile Systems, Dept. MT, 250 Crossways Park Dr., Woodbury, NY 11797, (516) 496-3400, www.jbl.com.

It's a Snap
Downey Products Inc. offers three soft tonneau options for the '04 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. Now available for GM's newly introduced midsize pickups are the SST (slant side), LTD (lift-top design), and SE (silver edition) aluminum-framed tonneau covers, featuring Downey's patented inverted-cover snap system. For more information, contact: Downey Products Inc., Dept. MT, 2000 Mallory Ln., Ste. 130/323, Franklin, TN 37067, (800) 736-1610.

Rain, Rain Go Away
XLR8 Electronics introduces its newly released RainMan Interior Protection System. This device is specifically designed to protect a vehicle's interior by automatically closing power windows, sunroofs, and convertible tops at the first sign of moisture. The RainMan system provides a worry-free method of adequately ventilating your truck's interior, while ensuring that it remains protected against unexpected rain, dew, snow, sleet, sprinklers, or any other potentially damaging water source. For more information, contact: XLR8 Electronics, Dept. MT, 2214 S. Jupiter Rd., Ste. 210, Garland, TX 75041, (214) 208-7366, www.rainautomotive.com.