I know what you may be thinking. Some ideas should remain just that - as ideas. Was that a close guess? Well, after seeing the in-progress drift truck on these pages, some of you may think this is an extreme, yet cool way to save two salvageable vehicles that would have otherwise rusted to death. The rest may think is is just downright wacko as sh*t. Honestly, a project such as this isn't for everybody, but the idea of fitting a '86 Nissan 720 body over a '89-'93 Nissan 240SX car core was nagging the guys at GO EZ so badly, that they finally decided to put the idea into a physical action. The end result will produce the planet's only Nissan 960 model mini truck. (Don't get it? Try a little math.) There have been a few cases where the hatch portion of the 240 has been cut out to give the appearance of a truck., but when it comes down to it, this monstrosity will be more of a truck than the others before it.

There are a few reasons behind using the 240SX as a nucleus of this build. First and foremost, the turbocharged intercooled SR20DET powerplant that had been swapped in underhood was too appealing to toss aside. Secondly, this actual car had been driven hard in the drift circuit for two solid years, and it's abilities are damn impressive. Third, and quite possibly the most notable reason, the car came was pretty much dropped off at GO EZ's front door with a bow tied to it - the initial invest was near nothing at all.

The first step of this weirsd walk took place at California Mini Truck Dismantlers in Montclair, CA - there is where the Nissan 720 was found. this model was actually a little hard to come by in the So Cal area. Local searches on Craigslist and varying classified ads had resulted in zero promising leads. An afternoon in the Cal Mini yard yielded a healthy harvest of usable body panels and the makings of a drifting minitruck were scarily coming together.

Miller Electric
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California Mini Truck Dismantlers
4002 State St.
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GO-EZ Customs
4110 E. La Palma
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