Cracks Are Whack

Rock chips and cracks are annoying, there's no way around it. 3M's windshield repair kit will effectively minimize the appearance less than 1 inch in diameter of small bulls-eyes, spider-web cracks, and star damage on glass.

Wipe Right

Made of durable, dual-textured material that has been pre-moistened with a powerful cleaning solution, GOJO's scrubbing wipes are perfect for the garage or on-the-go. The scrubbing side of the wipes removes tough dirt and soil, while the smooth side quickly absorbs all the nastiness. And for those who care, skin conditioners have been thrown in the mix to help prevent dryness and irritation.

Clearly Cool

Cool-View's latest viewable thermostat allows you to check the condition of the coolant as well as seeing the actual thermostat position. Made from fully polished billet aluminum and Pyrex glass rated at 150 psi at 500° F, the Cool-View thermostat has been designed for street and off-road use.