Quick Change
For those of you who service your own truck, Fumoto Engineering has developed a hot little item—an engine oil drain valve. Install this little guy, lift the lever from its locked position, and give it a quarter turn to drain engine oil without the use of any tools. The ball valve design provides a straight flow for efficient drainage and offers a perfect seal when closed.

Weld Right
Lincoln Electric’s Red Line welding apparel products include five types of job-specific gloves for MIG, TIG, or stick welding; four jacket options; protective under-helmet headwear; and safety glasses for indoor and outdoor applications. The Red Line apparel line is designed to work with Viking auto-darkening welding helmets, including the new 1840 and 2450 series.

Crank It Up
No suped-up audio or air system would be complete or reliable without deep-cycle cells. Optima’s YellowTop dual-purpose battery delivers heavy-duty cranking power and heavy cycling that high-powered sound systems demand. Applications with an array of 12-volt accessories can also benefit from Optima’s professional-grade cells.