The Real Deal
Amsoil 100% Synthetic 0W-20 motor oil delivers extraordinary lubrication for automotive gasoline engines.

Formulated with the industry's premier synthetic technology and additives in a light viscosity formulation, it withstands high temperatures and delivers outstanding fuel economy and cold temperature performance. Amsoil Synthetic 0W-20 motor oil delivers long-lasting performance and protection, extending drain intervals far beyond those recommended for conventional oils. Its unique synthetic formulation and long drain additive system are very stable, resisting oxidation and neutralizing acids. For more information, visit

Pull It
Trans-Dapt Performance pulleys come in a variety of looks, each classy and sharp in its own way.

Regardless of the style, they all add the extra detail that sets your engine compartment apart from others. Choose from a selection of classic chrome, polished billet aluminum, machined billet aluminum, and the new, durable Asphalt Black powder- coated pulleys. These powder-coated pulleys come out of the package ready to install. There's no need to waste your time refinishing old pulleys, plus the powdercoating is tougher than paint. They are precisely what you need, if you are trying to achieve a stock or sleek look for your engine. For these and other performance parts, check out

Jet Power
JET Performance has released new performance-calibrated Powr-Flo mass air sensors for 1998-2005 Toyota trucks and SUVs, including 4Runner, Land Cruiser, Tacoma, Sequoia, and Tundra models.

This sensor delivers improved horsepower, torque, throttle response and optimized mileage. The new sensor is a simple bolt on replacement for the stock unit and uses the factory intake housing with no other vehicle modifications required. Compatible with other performance upgrades such as cold-air intakes, exhaust, computer upgrades, etc. For more info, visit