LMC Truck
LMC's cowl-induction steel hoods give your truck a high-performance look while creating increased airflow for a cooler engine and increased performance. The outside cold fresh air carries a denser air/fuel mixture to an engine's combustion chambers than the warm underhood air. Also, the increased engine compartment space allows you to add on high-performance accessories and gain clearance for those big bodydrops. Made from primed high-quality steel with full inner frame, simply paint and bolt in place. An established company supplying automotive parts for over 25 years, LMC Truck is the place to go for your Chevy, Ford, or Dodge truck or SUV.

(800) LMC-TRUCK - (800) 562-8782

Lokar now offers a Chevrolet/GMC S-10 5-Speed Manual Shift Lever Adapter. This allows you to replaces your factory shifter to adapt to Lokar Manual Shift Levers while still using existing factory internal parts. Fits 1993-2003 NV 3500 transmission as well as the 1995-2003 NV 1500 transmissions, requires the use of Lokar's T5 Tremec lever, and fits Lokar's 16-, 12- and 10-inch single-bend and 16-inch double-bend Tremec levers. Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty, this shifter option offers a variety of lever lengths and knob choices to really help you get the right hot-rod look.

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Times being what they are, RideTech has added an "economical" model to their Shockwave lineup. The Black Series is not only an affordable option; it's also the easiest way to install air suspension on your vehicle. The new Black Series Shockwaves are designed around a quality steel-body twin-tube non-adjustable shock absorber, combined with quality Firestone bellows. The Black Series retains the mounting and installation advantages of the original Master Series Shockwave and is designed specifically to fit OEM mounting locations and/or StrongArm tubular control arms.

(812) 481-4787

Sanderson Headers
Sanderson Headers announces its newest product for 1982-newer Chevy S-10s, Blazers, and GMCs. They offer compact Block Huggers for the Chevy LS1 engine swaps. The tight-fitting design offers great clearance for the starter and spark plugs and dramatically improves exhaust flow and performance. Available in plain steel or a polished high-temp ceramic-coated finish and comes with bolts and a weld-on flange for under-chassis exhaust system hookup.

(800) 669-2430

Wilwood Engineering
Wilwood Disc Brakes now offers a compact Combination Master Cylinder Kit that features an ultra-compact aluminum short-body for remote or direct-mount installations in six bores for competition racing and aftermarket applications. Perfect for tight space applications, such as bodydropped trucks that can relocate to under the dash! Wilwood offers kits and brakes for many different custom applications.

(805) 388-1188