Right out of the gate vehicles are restricted from the factory to keep the general public happy and keep the vehicles quiet. But we, minitruckers, aren't all that concerned with quiet engines so we can opt for an MPG and performance booster in the way of air intake systems, high-flow cats, headers and exhaust, and throttle body spacers. Just the simple act of swapping out a dirty factory air cleaner for one of the cleanable performance filters on the market will help. It's also important to ensure that your wheel bearings, O2 sensor, and Mass Air Flow sensor, are in perfect working order. A proper tune-up will get your truck in the best working order to ensure you the most MPGs possible from each painful visit to fill up. Another way to boost up those MPGs while gaining some valuable performance would be to install one of the performance chips and programmers out there. Something else to think about that can help overall efficiency is switching to synthetic oil. Last but not least, if you use your truck bed to store valuables or just need a little more protection, bolting up a tonneau cover or camper shell not only can help keep your tools and valuables safe, but also can slightly improve gas mileage. For a list of manufactures websites that sell synthetic oil, intakes, exhaust, programmers, covers, etc. check out the Source box.