Dear Mini Truckin' ,
I'm a new subscriber to your magazine and I love all the written tech articles accompanied by pictures and step-by-step explanations. I especially liked the article in the April '04 issue on the Lambo-style door install. That article is one of the reasons I wanted to subscribe: I don't want to miss out on any good installs. I'd like to know if you have, or if you plan on doing, any tilt beds with sideways motion in a tech article. If it's in a back issue, please let me know which one. Thank you for your time. I'm a subscriber for life.
Big R
Corcoran, California

Hey Big R,
Thanks for the compliments on the magazine. Our archives here at the office only go back to 1996, and we checked through each issue to see if we could come up with anything. We found pictures of trucks with this modification, but no tech articles on the subject. There probably isn't a major demand for this mod, so a full-blown tech article isn't likely to be seen in the near future. Most tilt beds are fabricated, meaning there isn't a bolt-on universal kit or anything like that available. We've seen people use airbags, hydraulics, and even air strokes to lift the bed and show off their frame work. You can call any of the custom-suspension and body-modification shops here in the magazine and we're confident they'll be able to help you with the install.

One Way Ticket To Florida
Dear MT,
How are you guys doing? First and foremost, I love the mag. Keep up the great work. Ever since I can remember, I've had a passion for mini-trucks. Right now, I'm working on an '87 Ranger in my free time after working all day at an autobody shop. A dream of mine has always been to move down to Florida and work at a full-blown customizing shop. Do you know of any places in Florida that I could look into? It doesn't matter where the shop is - just that it's in Florida. I hope to make my dream come true with your help and suggestions. Thanks.

When it comes to full-on customizers in Florida, there is one name that comes to mind: Rhodes Auto Works, better known as R.A.W. The company has built many full-fledge cover and feature trucks, and continues to push the limits of customizing. Check out the guys' Web site at www.itsraw.com, or call (407) 320-7388. Our best advice if you really want to make your dream come true is to put together a high-class professional portfolio that includes trucks and vehicles you've worked on, along with a resume listing all your pertinent skills. Shops probably get phone calls all the time from Joe Schmoe claiming that he can build the baddest truck ever without any proof, and if he's lucky enough to get hired, he's fired in a week or so because he can't keep up. Work on developing your skills and building your portfolio at the shop you're at. You'll get much farther that way rather than with a cold call. Good luck, bro.