If you're in the market for an intake for your second-generation S-10, there are lots of options to consider. We took into account the reputation and the dependability of the intake manufacturer as well as style when we decided to work with CGS. As you might agree, not only does the product have to live up to your expectations in the performance department, but it also better look good doing its job. In saying this, we made a call to CGS Motorsports to check out what this exhaust pro had to offer for S-Dimes. Sure enough, the company had just what we were looking for: a custom-made intake system designed specifically for our vehicle application so that there would be no guesswork involved.

With our CGS intake in hand, we headed over to Billet Superstore to have it installed. The disassembly was fairly easy, and almost everything went smoothly. The only problem was a tight fit between the main tube and the silicone connector; the parts shouldn't be loose as you don't want your intake coming apart or any leaks down the road. Once we got past this mild kink in the system, everything else came together easily. We put the ride back together, turned the key, and fired it up. Upon revving the engine, you could hear a difference, with the new breath of fresh air courtesy of the CGS intake. Good looks and proven performance - what more could you ask for? Follow along for step-by-step instructions on the install, and contact the companies listed in the source box for more information.

Billet Superstore
2380 E. Orangethorpe Ave., Dept. LRE
CA  92806
CGS Motorsports