Scratch-Free Car Wash
If you're tired of seeing swirl marks in your paint after you wash your truck, then the Grit Guard System is for you. The Grit Guard System consists of a high-tech wash bucket with a specially designed plastic insert that removes dirt and debris from your wash mitt each time you submerge it into the bucket. The tiny abrasive particles present in the dirt are safely deposited in the calm water below the insert so you have a totally clean mitt each time you wipe down your mini. For more information, contact: Grit Guard, Dept. MT, 3690 County Rd. 10, Bellefontaine, OH 43311, (866) 592-5925,

Limit Your 'Yota's Slip
Performance Products Inc. offers a brand-new limited slip differential from Eaton for your Toyota Tacoma. The new Eaton unit features a heavy-duty alloy steel housing, heavy-duty springs for consistent clutch preload, and carbon-fiber clutch discs for zero "chatter". For more information, contact: Performance Products Inc., Dept. MT, 8000 Haskell Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406-1321, (800) 752-6196, www.

Bass in Yo' Face!
Scosche Industries can help you add 120 watts of bass to your factory or aftermarket sound system quickly and easily. The SUB X3 is a compact, self-amplified subwoofer enclosure that features an 8-inch dual voice coil subwoofer, a switchable low-pass crossover, a variable input control, and both RCA and speaker-level inputs. For more information, contact: Scosche Industries, Dept. MT, 1550 Pacific Ave., Oxnard, CA 93033, (805) 486-4450,

Easier Breathing For Mini Suvs
K&N Engineering's new Aircharger intake systems maximize the power output of GM's new Vortec inline-six engine that is found in the Envoy and TrailBlazer SUVs. The Aircharger eliminates the restrictive factory airbox, filter, resonator, and intake tube, replacing them with a low-restriction Filtercharger element, a smooth-radius intake tube, and a heatshield. For more information, contact: K&N Engineering Inc., Dept. MT, 1455 Citrus Ave., Riverside, CA 92507, (800) 858-3333,