Having your mini stolen is a gut-wrenching experience that we wouldn't wish on our worst enemy. All of your hard work, time, effort, and creativity are gone in a flash, and no insurance settlement can make up for that. A standard car alarm can only protect your mini from a lower class of thieves, mainly amateurs. This is because a car alarm with a starter disable circuit can easily be defeated in just a few minutes with the right tools and knowledge. Most car alarms disable the starter through the use of a relay, which interrupts the starter solenoid wire that runs from the ignition switch in the cab of your truck to the starter itself in the engine compartment.

Because the starter disable relay is usually mounted underneath the dash, it can easily be located and bypassed by a professional car thief, thus reducing the alarm to nothing more than a noisemaker. That is unless your truck is equipped with the PowerLock auto security system. The PowerLock is the first system to eliminate any possibility of thieves hot-wiring your mini.

The system is permanently connected to your truck's starter motor and cannot be bypassed by a thief. Even if a thief had the time to jack your truck up off of the ground, they could not remove the PowerLock module from the starter motor after you've installed it. This is as good as it gets for protection from hot-wiring. In addition to the added protection afforded by the PowerLock system, Ultimate Security Systems Corporation provides a $10,000 lifetime antitheft guarantee. In this article, we visited Traders 2000 to watch as it installed the PowerLock system on an '01 Nissan Frontier. For more information, contact the companies listed in the source box.