Creepy Seat

This toolbox/creeper seat features three sturdy roller-bearing drawers that max out at 35 pounds per drawer! Both sides feature tool trays, and the thick 3-inch padded seat cushion will absorb up to 345 pounds of pushin'. Best part about this awesome creeper seat is its price—$132.99! Storage space and a place to park your ace rolled into one great price!

Light's So Bright

Ingersoll Rand's L5110 cordless LED task light is good for the garage, and is also good on the go. That housing is lightweight, while still being heavy-duty, and the patented aluminum head dissipates heat and can be positioned any which way for hands-free usage. The official specs say the bright white LED bulbs put out 180 lumens and lasts up to 20,000 hours—impressive.

Gate Keeper

Clarion's latest innovation, the Next GATE smartphone controller utilizes voice dialing and voice activation in a variety of specialized apps. Through the use of Clarion's exclusive optimized FB4car and Tweet4car app, you can talk and listen, rather than type and read, while updating your Facebook status and tweeting. The Next GATE also features all sorts of useful stuff like Pandora radio, tracking fuel economy, and displaying all sorts of engine parameters.