App Happy

Pioneer's AppRadio 2 is a smartphone-powered in-dash receiver that supports iPhone and Android platforms. The 7-inch touch screen enables control of supported functions using touch and motion gestures similar to smart devices. Access the latest in Internet radio, navigation, and data apps safely and intuitively.

Brainy Baggin'

The Smart Ride Controller is compatible with all air management systems and all popular smartphones and tablets. All you need is the Bluetooth controller kit from Airbagit, and you'll be able to control your air suspension with your handheld device. Pretty slick, wouldn't ya say?

Spot Check

Mothers' Water Spot Remover will easily get rid of hard-water spots left behind by rain, sprinklers, or even not completely drying after a wash. The Spot Remover's powerful mineral-dissolving agents also wipe sunbaked sediments, tree sap, road grime, bug guts, and paint overspray from exterior glass and mirrors.