Custom Control

These illuminated, oval, billet power window switches from Watson's feature grooves for cosmetic and ergonomic purposes. The single oval frame measures 2 11/16 x 1 15/16 inches and the double is 3 1/8 x 2 1/4. Frame mounts with blind studs from behind, and as always, all necessary wiring and instructions are included in the kit.

White Light

The SilverStar zXe halogen bulbs are xenon-fueled and rival the color temp of HID drop-in kits. The nanotechnology-infused cobalt blue coating allows for a crisp white light output. At a fraction of the price of HID kits, Sylvania's new bulbs are completely street-legal and are up to 50-percent more effective than standard halogen bulbs.

Brake Down

MBM has teamed up with Wilwood Engineering to add these new two-piston calipers to its product lineup. The durable, lightweight aluminum construction lends a higher degree of braking equipment to MBM's line of disc-brake conversion kits.