Better Braking
Bendix CT-3 ceramic brake pads feature a unique blend of premium raw materials that helps eliminate road noise and dust. Factory-installed noise insulators and angled chamfers and slots were designed solely for quiet performance. All hardware, including clips and sensors, come inside of the box.
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Deck Check
Sony has a new batch of receivers that start at a measly $80. This head unit in particular sits in the middle of the price range and offers a variety of impressive functions that won't put too big of a hurting on your wallet. The CDX-GT550UI features a front USB and aux-in input connections, bright one-line LCD display, and two pre-amp sub outputs with LPF/HPF.
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Sick Cinema
Cambered Video's first DVD installment, Grounded, is packed full of show coverage from the biggest events and hottest features of 2009. Work has already begun on the sophomore release, so be on the lookout. Sparks, blinding paint, big wheels, a killer soundtrack, and babes-it's all here in one video. Get one now!
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