Boston Acoustics SPG555
What is it?: Race-track-shaped super sub
Sizes available: Roughly 12-inch
Impedance: 4-ohm and 2-ohm
Mounting depth: 8-1/4-inch
Power: 1,000 watts RMS
Additional: Replaceable voice-coil technology; neodymium magnet system

Earthquake Subzero-12
What is it?: Eardrum crusher
Sizes available: 10-15-inch
Impedance: Adjustable between 8 and 2 ohms
Mounting depth: Don't worry. It will blow through all barriers.
Power: 1,000 RMS; 2,000-watt max
Additional: 3-1/2 inches each way
(510) 732-1000

Kicker ZX2500.1
What is it?: All the muscle you'll need for an absurd amount of bass
Stability: 2-ohm
Size: (H) 2-1/8 x (W) x 9-5/8 x (L) 27-1/2
Power: 2,500 watts
Additional: 24dB/octave low-pass electronic crossover, and remote bass control

Earthquake PHD10000W
What is it?: Enormous, linkable, efficient (for 10,000 watts) amplifier
Stability: 1-ohm
Size: (H) 2-1/2 x (W) 10-3/8 x (L) 16
Power: Max 5,000 watts
Additional: More copper per square inch than any other amp

Kenwood KSC-WD250T
What is it?: 10-inch powered subwoofer
Included: One 10-inch sub and a 200-watt class-D amplifier
Additional: Wired remote control

Kicker TS10L7
What is it?: 10-inch sub in a wedge enclosure
Impedence: 2- or 4-ohm designator
Power: 600-750 max
Included: 10-inch L7 square subwoofer in a solid wood enclosure lined with black and gray carpeting
Additional: Boxes are available ported.

Swiss Audio SPB10
What is it?: 10-inch subwoofer in an MDF enclosure
Power: 150 watts RMS
Included: 10-inch sub
Additional: Top firing port design

Alphasonik PB2310
What is it?: Band pass enclosure with three subwoofers
Included: Three 10-inch subs with multi-ported enclosure
Impedance: 4-ohm hook-up
Power: 900 watts RMS
Additional: Tuned ports made of spun aluminum and a plexiglass viewing window