Alphasonik PSW210
What is it?: Alpha 200-Series subwoofer
Sizes available: 8-15-inch
Impedance: Dual 4-ohm
Mounting depth: 4-13/16 inches
Power: 300-watts RMS
Additional: Inverted dome, mineral-filled composite cone
(714) 988-0370

Audiobahn A12005DN
What is it?: Air intake series class-D amplifier
Stability: 2-ohm stable
Size: (L) 11 1/16 x (W) 10 1/4 x (H) 1 7/8
Power: 1200-watts ACH (achievable power)
Additional: Air induction fan-cooled system

Digital Audio DAB1800X
What is it?: Mono-block power amplifier
Stability: 2-ohm
Power: Up to 1,600 watts at 2 ohms mono
Additional: High-level speaker inputs to hook up to a factory stereo

Digital Audio DAD5005D
What is it?: 2-ohm class-D amplifier
Stability: 2-ohm
Power: 500 watts at 2 ohms
Additional: Variable bass boost up to 18dB and 4-way protection circuitry
Digital Audio
(866) 897-7155

Pioneer Premier PRS-D2000T
What is it?: Premier reference series amplifier
Stability: 2-ohm
Size: (L) 8 x (W)12 x (H) 2-1/4 inches
Power: 150x2 at 4 ohms, 600x1 at 4 ohms bridged
Additional: Utilizes ICE ultra-compact ICE digital power

Audiobahn ALUM10N
What is it?: Small airspace powerhouse
Sizes Available: 10-15-inch
Impedance: Dual 6-ohm
Mounting depth: 5 inches
Power: 800-watt RMS
Additional: Heavyweight, high-pressure cast aluminum basket

Swiss Audio SPL1090
What is it?: Ultra excursion woofer
Sizes available: 10-15-inch
Impedance: Dual 4-ohm
Mounting depth: 6.65 inches
Power: 600 watts RMS
Additional: FATT 50mm treated foam surround
Swiss Audio
(714) 988-0380

Digital Audio DA8010X
What is it?: Extended low-frequency driver
Sizes available: 10-15-inch
Impedance: Dual 4-ohm
Power: 700 watts RMS
Additional: Oversized 200-ounce, double-stacked strontium magnets