Before a lot of us were mini-truckers, or at the beginning of our mini-truck-inspired lives, the stereo is where the do-it-yourselfer usually begins. Not everyone had welders and plasma cutters sitting around, but everyone has a set of wire cutters. The first stereo you hooked up just to hear it blare into your eardrums, the first set of subs you blew, and always having to carry spare fuses to keep that amp pushing. Here's a compilation of some heavy metal for you to gaze at while you save your money to make it happen.

Audiobahn AW100T
What is it?: Excursion Series subwoofer
Sizes available: 10-15-inch
Impedance: 4-ohm
Mounting depth: 5 inches
Power: 400 watts RMS
Additional: 60-ounce strontium magnet
(800) 488-8595

Boston Acoustics G110
What is it?: G1 Series subwoofer
Sizes available: 10-12-inch
Impedance: Single and dual 4-ohm
Mounting depth: 4.75 inches
Power: 200 watts RMS
Additional: RadialVent voice-coil cooling design
Boston Acoustics
(978) 538-5000

Kenwood KFC-W2510
What is it?: Typhoon cone-shaped subwoofer
Sizes available: 10-inch
Impedance: 4-ohm
Mounting depth: 4.606 inches
Power: 175-watts RMS/350 max
Additional: Typhoon-shaped injection polypropylene cone

Lightning Audio Strike 12" VC2
What is it?: The power of Zeus in the palm of your hands
Sizes available: 10-15-inch
Impedance: Dual 4-ohm coil
Power: 500 watts RMS/1,500 watts max
Additional: Aluminum cone and a 3-inch, 4-layer voice coil on an aluminum former
Lightning Audio
(480) 967-3565