Satellite radio has been available nation-wide for the better part of four years. The first systems available for mobile use were made up of a large tuner/receiver (typically the size of a stereo amplifier), a control module, and an external antenna that looked like a VW Beetle attached to your roof with dual-sided tape or screws (perish the thought of making new holes in a shaved mini-truck). Each of these components were large and bulky items that had to be hidden somewhere to maintain a clean-looking install. If you already had stereo gear installed, hiding yet more equipment was a task in itself. Installing those systems in a mini-truck was even more of a challenge due to the small space you have to start with.

Recently, we became aware of a system made by TERK Technologies called the XM Commander that uses the smallest components we've seen yet, and is a perfect match for mini-truck installations. The tiny external antenna included with the XM Commander doesn't bolt onto the roof as with antennas of the past; it's equipped with a strong magnet that keeps it where you left it, and is removable for when you wash your truck. Additionally, the XM Commander's small tuner/receiver is about the size of a small paperback book and easy to hide just about anywhere. Finally, the XM Commander comes with a user-friendly, dual-line user interface complete with a mounting plate that can be used in myriad ways. In all, the XM Commander is a satellite radio system that works effortlessly with any FM stereo on the market. Follow along to see the installation of the XM Commander with a stock head unit in a newer Toyota pickup. For more information, contact TERK.