Sun Overseas Trading (SOT) recently came out with an upgraded voltage system that uses the latest technology to stabilize the voltage in your vehicle. This high-performance voltage system can do many things to help harness the full potential of your electrical system. Not only can this voltage system help to improve torque and throttle response, but it can also brighten headlights, reduce audio noise, improve fuel efficiency, and prolong the life of your battery.

We continued our quest for power (voltage power, that is) by installing a Hyper Voltage System (HVS) in conjunction with the Hyper Ground System we installed back in our May '03 issue. Our previous ground system used gold wires, but we decided to match all the wires and clean up the engine bay a bit by swapping in the silver ground set to match the silver wires of our new HVS. As with the ground system, the leads are made of high-quality, thick-gauge, 99.99 percent-pure copper wiring, with multilayered shielding.

The HVS offers a built-in safety feature that is designed to protect the vehicle, even if the terminals are connected to opposite lead wires. To make sure that doesn't happen, here are some detailed instructions on safety and installation. Follow along and you'll see how easy it is to increase your truck's voltage capabilities.