Everyone who drives our nation's highways has seen expensive cars and SUVs driving with headlights that, although not modified from stock, possess some of the brightest driving and headlights they've ever seen. About 10 years ago, many of the high-end automotive manufacturers began using a different type of system to power their product's headlamps.

This sort of lighting, called H.I.D. for High Intensity Discharge, provides lighting that is closer to the type of light that is received from natural sunlight. Typically, this type of lighting uses about 1/3 of the power of a standard H-4 or other halogen-type bulb. This means longer life for your headlight bulbs and better use of your vehicle's power resources.

Follow along as we retrofit this intense (pardon the pun) lighting setup from Hiper Industries with the help of the talented professionals at Sportruck Specialties in Carson, California.

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