Laying your truck's frame flat to the pavement isn't always as easy as just bolting in some airbags and calling it a day. This is what separates the boys from the men. Many daily drivers don't lay all the way out; which is completely justified with bigger tires, not wanting to cut out firewalls and fender tubs, and overall more major cutting and modifications. But one thing that shouldn't stand in your way is a pesky tranny crossmember that hangs below the frame! CanDo Specialties makes a raised crossmember for the Toyota pickup, so we caught up with them to check out the install. For more information, check out the Tech Lowdown.

The Tech Lowdown
Parts Used: CanDo Specialties Toyota Tranny X-member
Company: CanDo Specialties
Contact Info:, or call (530) 533-8680
Approximate Installation Time: 4-8 hrs depending on tools and skill level

Skills Required: intermediate measuring, cutting, and welding
Tools used: plasma or sawzall, grinder, welder
Parts Cost: $150