Continuing our quest for knowledge of common body-drop problems and the remedies needed to lay low, we encountered the notorious exhaust issue. The Weekend Warrior Toyota was freshly on the ground and in order to put it completely back together to drive to the show, we were in need of a nice exhaust system that would tuck under the cab and not hang below the frame. After doing a little research, we came across some very cool universal kits offered by MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust.

MagnaFlow offers a universal muffler with a mere 4-inch depth for lowered and space-challenged vehicles. This flattened oval-design muffler is perfect for body-dropped minitrucks that need to tuck the exhaust as high up as possible to avoid pesky problems later. Small in size but not performance, this muffler still uses MagnaFlow's free-flowing, straight-through perforated stainless steel core. Stainless mesh wrap and acoustical fiber fill to deliver MagnaFlow's signature smooth, deep tone.

Since it's available with an 11-inch, 14-inch or 18-inch long body, and a variety of inlet and outlet combinations, we had limitless possibilities to build our system in the tight confines. So, we paired this muffler up with MagnaFlow's Hot Rod Kit, which includes stainless steel mandrel-bent tubing in various lengths and bends, along with clamps and hangers, for the creation of a custom exhaust system to meet the specific needs of our unique application. Here's a quick overview of how any exhaust shop or homebuilder can turn MagnaFlow's universal muffler and kit into the perfect exhaust system for their ride.

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