So, my friend Steve and I, as well as a few friends who happened to stop by, have all been diligently working on STK TRUK. And lately, we've been jumping all over the truck trying to get it done one piece at a time. One day, I'll rip stuff apart. The next day, Steve will work on the front end. And another day, we'll work on the back end, and so on. But regardless, we're getting it done.

What we're going to show you today is how we notched the rear of the truck. It might have been easier just to buy a kit, but we decided that a homemade notch would be way cooler for this homemade Mitsu. In reality, if we had just stuck to the notch, we could have finished this in about 3 hours. But it took us a few days because of jumping from project to project. Anyways, this could be considered a one-day job.

Stay tuned for the next issue, where we will do a five-lug conversion on the truck with the help of Max Fish, from Bio Kustumz.

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