All you die-hards out there are probably already aware that the mini-trucks of today are pushing the envelope more and more into the realm of the unknown. We continue to challenge the way a custom is built, and we push further and further to be some of the most innovative builders and thinkers around. We decided that in order for you to fully appreciate the work that goes into some of these trucks, it was important to see a good example of a frame built from the ground up.

Bio Kustumz turns out some of the highest quality and most accurately engineered rides on the roads today. When we heard about this Tacoma frame being built, we teamed up with Max Fish to give us the inside on what it takes to build something simple and clean but still a little out of the box. Max is really big on fully functioning suspensions, and he spends countless design hours to make even the most complicated of tasks work and perform simply and straightforward.

For this Tacoma frame, because there's so much hidden work that went into it, we knew that a feature on the truck itself would not do it justice. So we snapped all kinds of pics to show you just what the frame and bare-bones necessities look like underneath. Sit back and enjoy a one-of-a-kind feature brought to you by the only ones that can bring you hardcore mini-truckin' at its best.