All week long we mini-truckers plot and plan how we're going to spend the precious last two days of the week. Saturday and Sunday are rare commodities, especially free ones that aren't taken up with work, truck shows, or the occasional family gathering. So when the time does come around and winter has set in (in California we only have a month or so of winter, so we have to work fast!), we break out our grinders and get to work on the many ongoing projects that we tend to accumulate throughout the year.

This time we decided to do something we've never done before and show you exactly what you can accomplish in your own garage a weekend at a time. Instead of just doing the same old thing and burning through an entire buildup (which may have taken months) in one article, leaving you unsure of the actual timeline, we're going to approach this project by showing you exactly what we've accomplished each and every weekend in the two days. We won't skip a thing; we'll show you each time what we started with and what we ended up with. We'll show you the burnt fingers, the 2-hour-long beer and lunch breaks, and all the tools that we manage to ruin (well, maybe not the lunch breaks, but you get the idea). This will be the perfect incentive to pick up a cheap little project of your own and follow along with us to build a reliable, simple, and clean daily driver (we promise, no crazy full-frame cantilever airbags with locking coilovers on this one!).

The first step is to find the project. Fortunately for us this is all too easy because $1,000 Toyotas run rampant in the streets of Southern California. We're constantly having to lock our checkbooks in the safe and throw away the key just to keep from buying them all up. You can do what we did and buy a truck that is in the middle of project phase (already bagged, etc...) but this might end up taking more time depending on the condition of the previous work. For the first weekend, we decided to cut everything out and start fresh. So we stripped her bare and got to work. Go grab that cheap project and follow along with the buildup and before you know it we'll be draggin' the streets together in style by just taking it a weekend at a time! For more information, contact the companies listed in the source box.

Sadistic Iron Werks
1489 N. Thesta
CA  93703
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