7.If you're making a straight cut, aluminum stock works better as a straight edge because the plasma gun will arc to the steel before it will arc to the aluminum. Be careful - it will still cut the aluminum if you cut directly into it.

Another practical use of the plasma cutter is the ease of cutting holes (once you're proficient). Whenever a quick hole is needed, the plasma can take a lot less time than the drill press. But don't get lazy and use this technique whenever you need form and function because no matter how good you get with the plasma, the drill press hole will always look better.

15.Once you get used to having a plasma cutter around, you'll see how much time it saves you. If you do a lot of cutting of brackets, mounts, or anything repetitive one option you might look into (if funds permit) is a CNC plasma. This fancy cutting wizard can really make your life easy and allow you to design some really cool parts.

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