Heavy-Duty Bracketry

Guilty By Design has a brand-new website, in case you haven't seen it yet. They have everything you'll need to drop your truck whether you plan to 'bag or static slam. For those going for a full air ride system, you'll find a ton of useful products, like these gussets made from high quality ¼-inch thick P&O steel. The price is right, and the selection is awesome. One-off styles are also available.

Iced Out

Turtle Wax's new ICE liquid wax is way easier to use than conventional liquid wax and polishes. Get a deep clean and fill in swirls without spending an entire afternoon in the driveway! Best of all, you can work on your tan while applying this stuff as it is recommended to apply in direct sunlight for best results.

EZ Sprayer

The Edge Series from Ingersoll Rand products is rather extensive, and has even expanded into the realm of painting. The 270G gravity-feed spray gun is a high-volume, low-pressure gun with a no-drip cup for efficient application with minimal clean up. Suction-feed guns are also available.