For a lot of us, spending time in the garage hanging with friends, working on our trucks, and drinking beers is an all too familiar scenario. What we ended up doing in that time was cooking up our very own name for the garage: Candy Shop Customs. And what shop would be complete without a logo? With the ideas floating around, we gave a shout to Steve Woodward over at Below Grade Design for a final logo concept, and honestly, he nailed it right on the head!

Enter our good friend and killer pinstriper Collin “Butcher” Schultz. Once he got word that we were working on our project LUV at the Candy Shop, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on our doors. Knowing he had something up his sleeve, we blew the doors off the LUV and delivered them to his super secret lair. Since it’s going to be a while until the truck sees paint, he figured that striping the logo on the doors, and doing a little patina magic, would work well with the current look of the truck, as well as help us keep going on the build with a bit of motivation.

Follow along as Butcher slings some paint, and shares a few pinstriping tips.

Saral Paper Corporation
400 East 55th Street
Suite 18B
New York
NY  10022
Below Grade Design
Collin Butcher Schultz
1 Shot Paint
1701 East 122nd Street
IL  60633