Fact: First sold in North America from '72 as a badge-engineered variant of the Japanese-market Isuzu Faster. Production of the first-generation ended in '80.

Let's be real about it, money is tight any way you look at it these days. So, what does one do? We can't just stop paying our bills or quit eating, and once all those realities of life are taken care of, there seems to be less and less cash left over each month for any fun. Perhaps the answer to this daunting problem is right in our own backyards and garages.

We're talking about a low-buck, budget project. All those poor, forgotten minitrucks you see rotting in yards and fields as you drive by and think to yourself, "Man, that truck could be SO cool with a bit of love" are where the action is. The reality is with a bit of sweet-talking, you could probably take one of them home with you for a measly couple hundred bucks. Now here's the part where we can save a few bucks and keep this project on the cheap from start to finish. By nature, we minitruckers tend to be "junk" collectors. Most of us probably have boxes full of old parts we've collected over the years that are too good to throw away but aren't quite cutting-edge anymore like old 'bags and valves, wheels and link kits, assorted fittings, and stuff like that. Realistically, a cool ride to cruise around in doesn't have to break the bank—it will just involve smart shopping and creative wheeling and dealing with some of your buddies!

Follow along with us as we drag an old forgotten Chevy LUV out of a field and have a crack at building a cool daily beater or parts-chaser to cruise around in without having to sell one of the kids.