Doc’s Kustom has a fresh batch of flush-mount gas doors that you’ll be sure to grab. The rectangular and oval styles are available in 5-1/2-inch and 6-1/2-inch lengths, and the round pop-up version measures 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The doors can be ordered with ball-milled grooves or a smooth finish, but whichever one you select, it will have a shiny polished finish.

Battery Bolt-Down

This tray from Cobra Automotive is specifically designed for Group 24 batteries and weighs just under 2 1/2 pounds. It features a side bracket and a hold-down that can be mounted in two configurations to accommodate different-style battery tops. Hang this thing on a side panel, firewall, framerail, or anywhere else you need to hide a cell. Fabricated out of laser-cut, CNC-formed, 0.090-inch-thick aluminum, and finished in silver powdercoat, this tray is built tough.

Down With High Temps

Boom Mat’s Floor & Tunnel Shield II provides outstanding heat protection where temperatures are always at their hottest such as the firewalls, transmission tunnels, floorboards, and around fuel cells. This material withstands up to 1,750 degrees F, and the self-adhesive backing is proven to stick strong at 450 degrees F. The modern aluminum surface allows improved thermal transfer control and rigidity. Available in three sizes: 24x21, 49x21, and 48x42.