’Bagging and bodydropping your truck will certainly compromise the confines of the bed space. The new equation will now include making room for intruding wheels and tires, whether or not to create wheeltubs, and of course, laying out a new floor that will work with or around the differential and protruding areas of the frame.

Cutting and trimming the existing floor is an option if need be, but if you’re in the middle of a ground-up back-half build, you’re going to want to fabricate a reinforced area. And if you plan to show your truck, you’ll also want the new floor to hold some cosmetic value.

Sadistic Iron Werks took all points into consideration before cutting up a stock GMC bed and turned it into a functional, easy-on-the-eyes display of crafted sheetmetal. Follow along and take a few notes.

Sadistic Iron Werks
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