Black is Back

Mothers’ new tire shine spray gives rubber a high-gloss finish and provides superior protection with the company’s proven Back-to-Black surface care technology. Applying the spray couldn’t be easier with the adjustable nozzle that is made to suit both low- and high-profile tires. Simply spray and let dry for high-gloss results, or simply wipe off excess spray for a softer, more natural sheen.

Stay Powered

Kinetik’s power supplies offer a smart dual-mode design that will activate more voltage when needed and go into float mode at idle. These are available in 80-, 60-, and 45-amp models to accommodate your specific needs. Use them to charge and maintain your hard-working Kinetik power cell or any other 12-volt battery.

Light Up

This swivel light from Snap-on features 30 bright white LED lights that put out 90 lumens and will provide up to 100,000 hours or 11.4 years of continuous service. The horizontal head of this unit pivots from -5 to 90 degrees and rotates 300 degrees, so working under the hood or any other dark space will be well lit with Snap-on’s new battery-operated, cool-to-the-touch light. A built-in magnet and hook are located at the base of the handle for additional handiness.