The beautiful thing about wanting to update your truck's frontend is that complete, bolt-for-bolt packages are readily available depending on your application. served as our one-stop-shop source while in the process of planning to upgrade our '82-'90 Chevy S-10 grille assembly to the later '91-'93 GMC version. Not only did we achieve an updated appearance, but we did so without the need for paint, since we selected the grille with the optional chrome finish, however, LMC does also offer a paintable version to satisfy your personal preference. The new grille assembly has a more refined appearance and is one solid piece instead of the four seperate pieces that make up the previous assembly. A highlight of the swap is how the new GMC grille sticks out a little further than the Chevy unit, which makes for a more flush alignment with the bumper. The conversion did move the headlight housings down roughly one inch, so make sure to check your local headlight height requirements regulations.

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