Kickin' Bass
Kicker's CompVX subwoofer harnesses the company's patented Solo-baric square woofer technology and has further developed it to be compatible in a round housing. The CompVX line has proven to be Kicker's best-sounding, deepest-bass-producing round sub to date, and it's now widely available in 10-, 12-, and 15-inch sizes. The one-piece SoloKon cone features a rigid back bracing, high-temp dual voice coils, and a T-cut top plate for stronger low-frequency response and a super-reliable motor structure that Kicker has prided itself on delivering for years. For more information, visit Kicker online at

The Power of Video
Upstate DVD's Throwback is a new custom-truck video series that delivers great show coverage from the U.S. and Canada, as well as a great assortment of feature trucks. Christopher Stacherski, the man behind Upstate DVD, has a deep background in television and film and is proud to introduce a product that he feels will take video magazines to a whole new level. The highly entertaining footage alone is well worth the price of admission, and as an added, no-cost bonus, Stacherski has applied a spit-shined, artistic polish on a film that successfully captures the essence of the hardcore custom-truck scene. For more information, visit

Super star
The CadStar taillight kit from Star Kustom Shop offers a new twist on the old '59 Cadillac taillight style. Surrounding the housing is a custom, form-fitting 18-gauge sheetmetal frenching bucket for a flush, clean look no matter the direction they're mounted. The CadStar kit is available with dual-filament bulbs or LED lights, and both options feature running light, flasher, and brakelight functions. For more information, contact Star Kustom Shop at (918) 257-4234.