Your project's paintjob and final assembly are what will either make or break the final outcome. After spending years perfecting every little detail, sending your masterpiece off to a paint shop only to have it ruined is not something that anyone looks forward to. Yet, it happens time and time again.

For Project Bada Bing, Jason turned to the pros at Hellfire Studios. Josh Garman really knows a thing or two about turning out a show-winning paintjob on time and has the years of experience and know-how to tackle every single project. Jason's S-10 is one of those long-term projects that pushes the build to the highest caliber and leaves no stone unturned, as you can tell from the killer feature on his chassis.

Every big project takes a skilled team, and this build was no exception. Scott George of Daytona Custom Paint did all of the bodywork after Jimmy Graham of Jimmy's Rod and Customs performed the fabrication and mods. Mike Letchworth from Lethal Fabrication lent a hand with the sanding duties, and Charlie Hitch of CH Detailing finished it off with the wet-sanding and buffing.

Follow along as we show you what it takes to complete the perfect classic paintjob. For more information, contact the company listed in the source box.

Hellfire Studios Inc.
Plant City