When it comes to customizing your minitruck, ease of the modification always plays a roll.

With all of the aftermarket parts out there, we've all had the horror story of parts not fitting right, having holes drilled in the wrong spot, etc. That's one of the things that makes building a custom truck so stressful. Well, we came across a company that makes adding a custom touch to the front end of any truck easy and painless. There are a wide variety of aftermarket fiberglass hoods on the market, but these hand-laid units also come complete with both a smooth top and underside. Having the hood smooth both top AND bottom not only looks cleaner, but also adds much needed strength. This installation is a snap using a basic socket set and the helping hand of a buddy. For more information on these custom hoods available with many ram-air options for different models of vehicles, check out the source box.

Show Down Customs
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