Summit Paint
Not only can Summit Racing hook you up on engine and project build parts, but now Summit also has your paint needs covered.

Made with premium urethane resins and pigments, their single-stage urethane formula is specially designed to provide and hold gloss for years without a clearcoat (optional) clearcoat available for enhanced gloss and durability). Pure acrylic urethane does not yellow with time or UV exposure, superior to acrylic enamel, synthetic enamel, or lacquer topcoats. Also resists chips, scratches, and fading. For more information, visit, or call (800) 230-3030.

Power for Your Dime
DeKerlegand Turbo Systems introduces100 percent complete turbo kits for your GM minitruck.

Everything you need comes in the box to ensure that no fabrication is required. Double your horsepower while improving gas mileage, it's a win-win! There are kits for 2.2L and 4.3L S-10s along with performance accessories including: intakes, headers, radiator supports, electric fans, and more! For more information, call (970) 493-0459 or check out

Drop The Bomb
Rust Bomb, from Orison Marketing, is a gel that specifically targets rust with its unique non-hazardous formula.

It is designed to kill rust (iron-oxide), but will not harm aluminum, copper, brass, rubber, plastic or vinyl. It pulls the rust right off of the metal and leaves the metal like new. Rust Bomb rust remover gel is an extremely powerful, and all natural rust remover, designed to aid in rust removal on vertical surfaces and areas or parts too large to soak in Evapo-Rust. It employs a combination of modified chelators and rust inhibitors to attack the rust where it lives. When done, the gel can be easily removed with water. You can check out the entire line of metal treatment products online at