In conclusion, these changes to your vehicle's front end will definitely create a completely new look, and your truck or SUV will have a great beginning to its life as a full-blown custom. Coming up with some rarely seen modifications is what keeps our industry constantly moving forward. We look forward to every year as some shows turn up some interesting ideas that cause others to think harder and dig deeper into the "wouldn't it be cool if" files. The '09 show season is coming up. Will you be ready?The companies listed below can meet your body modification needs and are invaluable resources when building a custom truck.


(877) 480-3549

CanDo Specialties Inc.
(530) 533-8680

(877) 324-6464

Godfather Customs
(800) 898-1240

JBM Motoring
(800) 598-5555

LMC Truck
(800) 562-8782

Stylin' Trucks
(800) 433-1809

Suicide Doors
(812) 782-3581