R U Serious?
To The People Of Mini Truckin',I would love to say that mini truckin' was my life. I mean I ate, slept and thought about Mini Truckin all the time. I was going to put airbags on my truck, but not no more. You see I went to Biloxi, MS for Scrapin' the Coast '05. When my friends and family got there we got the arm bands to see the show, When we left the show to go to the drag strip to see the wild bikini contest. We was told to pay $10's more dollars to see it. And that was not right to do that to people. We work hard for the money we have to get told that it was going to cost more to see something I have done paid for to see. And that's why I'm not going to worry about your books or going to anymore shows. No more mini truckin for me and my family and my friends.Sincerely,
Not a mini-truckin' but not no more

Yes, we are as clueless as all of you on this letter. If someone is willing to give up their passion for $10 or a bikini contest, then we have to believe that they were definitely not a true mini-trucker. In that respect, we aren't sad to lose him - especially when he says he isn't buying our magazine because he couldn't see a bikini contest at a show. If he had to pay to see the bikini contest, then obviously it wasn't included in the show. We could go on forever on this, but we already have carpal tunnel.

Mitsu Crazy
Dear Mini Truckin',
I own a Mitsubishi Mighty Max regular cab, short wheelbase. Can you please tell me where to start? I am riding on 3-inch blocks and (don't laugh) heated front springs that look like burnt pancakes. It is riding low, though, and has a surprisingly good ride. I want to 'bag it and don't know where to start. Some of us are on a budget, so shoot me in the right direction for a kit with everything I would need.

We will never laugh about someone trying to make their truck low. We have all been there in our early days. If you are on a tight budget and just need the essentials to 'bag your truck, you can do it in steps and start out just doing the front. Don't worry about the notch, four-link, and such other standard necessities. You'll just need airbags with install brackets, four solenoids, a five-gallon tank, and a compressor to get you going. As you get more cheese you can upgrade your suspension until you're happy. Shop around our advertisers and get your best kit price.

Dear MT,
I have been an avid reader ever since I picked up my first issue. I'm 16 and my parents bought me a '96 S-10 extended cab. I'm getting a head unit pretty soon and I was wondering if you had any tips on subs.
Thanks a lot!
Zach Kowatch
Frederick, Missouri

Well, Zach, we're glad your parents helped you get started with the mini-truck lifestyle. You're in luck because last month we did a subwoofer and amp buyer's guide. Since you have an extended cab, a moderate system would be a prefab subwoofer box with a 10- or 12-inch sub. Power that with an amp pushing 200-300 watts and that should be a good enough starter system to piss your parents off. And if you want to go bigger, check out what Fosgate or Kenwood have been up to at www.rockfordfosgate.comor www.kenwoodusa.com.