Quest To Be Different
Dear MT,
My name is Gene and I just picked up an old beat-up '88 Mitsubishi. I am having quite a hard time finding parts, which in turn is starting to limit my imagination. Can you point me in the right direction? Any suggestions?

We'll say it once and we'll say it again. The payoff for building a vehicle that is not as commonplace is to have a more unique truck that people will notice. We have featured quite a few minis, even on the cover, that were Mitsus. The front ends of most of these trucks utilize a Toyota bumper, which JBM or FBI can help you with. For a roll pan/tailgate skin, hit up Grant Kustoms or FBI. There is plenty out there, but it just won't be as easy or bolt-on as your average S-10 parts.

To 'Bag Or Not To 'Bag
Dear Mini Truckin',
I am currently imprisoned in Oregon. I have been reading your magazine for eleven years and I absolutely love it. I have a '93 Ford Ranger Splash single cab. I have put a full Phoenix Gold stereo system in the cab. I would like to eventually body-drop and 'bag it with ten switches and would like to know what my best choice would be for a full system. Can you please help me out?Thank you,
Kyle Mariani
Umatilla, Oregon

We actually get this question a lot, but it's just such an open-ended question. There are so many ways you could go with this, and we have a dozen advertisers in the mag that can set you up with everything you need. As for the basics, if you have a ten-switch setup, then you will need eight solenoids (electric air valves) so you can make all of those switches function properly. Other than that, you'll need four airbags, some good compressors, and whatever modifications you would need to make your suspension function properly and still lay the truck flat on the ground. It's way too much to answer in a little paragraph. Check out some of the airbag tech stories for more complete info.

Suicide Doors And Another Model Stalker
Dear Mini Truckin',
Do you guys know of any shops that sell paint in Oregon or any shops that sell kits for suicide doors? I need help on my project, if you could help me. Also, could I get the phone numbers of the models on the cover of Vol. 20, No. 9? I think they are smoking hot.
Anonymous e-mail

For your paint, you could go to any collision repair supplier to fill your paint needs. If there are collision or body shops in the area, then trust us, there will be suppliers. For your suicide doors, you could try They have a stellar ad towards the front of this mag. We unfortunately don't have any handout info on the models and we get this question a lot, but for obvious reasons we would never release any personal information.