Dear Mini Truckin',
Your magazine is what got me started living the mini-truck lifestyle ever since I got my '96 S-10. It just breaks my heart, though, to see the same things being done to them - especially second-generation S-10s. They're always stock, sporting a phantom grille, or with a Blazer upgrade. Not wanting to stick to the norm, I had an idea to do a custom grille shell with round headlights to give it an old Mustang look. This would be a mixing of breeds, an S-Stang, if you will. Unfortunately being 19 and having a lack of funds halted that idea. I recently saw a second-gen S-10 with shaved corner lights, but still sporting a cut factory grille - and when all he has to do was get a different grille and lights to fit to really change it up!
Christopher Singley
Steelton, Pennsylvania

What's up, Chris?
We're glad to hear we got you started in the wonderful world of mini-truckin'. As far as what you're talking about with all the second-gen S-10s keeping it simple, yes it's true. Keep in mind that a lot of people out there are in the same boat as you, though. Money doesn't fall in the laps of the average mini-trucker. The majority of the mini-truck community are just average people with average jobs and a taste for Cristal on a Pabst or King Cobra budget. Hopefully when this is read, some owners might light a fire under their keester and try to get more creative. If you look in the last five years, though, the mini-truck community has gone from changing front bumpers to swapping full front ends. This is definitely the direction that we're headed in; it will just take time 'til it's completely mainstream.

Maximum Lift
MT Staff,
I've been working on a couple projects, including an '89 Mazda B2200. I noticed that in the June '05 Construction Zone, Justin's Ranger has 21 inches of lift. How can I achieve this?
Charles McClain
Far Away

What's up, Charles,
Getting this kind of result is not as hard as you think. The way people get mad lift in the back of their truck is from having the airbag mounted on the bottom link bar. The farther you put the 'bag toward the front mounting point, the higher lift you will achieve. We've seen people go as far as having link bars so long that they go under the cab of the truck, yielding ridiculous results and putting ladder manufacturers out of business.

Nissan Hard2getparts
Dear MT,
I just became a subscriber not too long ago, but I already love the mag. I'm a first-timer, and I need help. I own a '86 Nissan 720, but I can't find that many options for a non-Nissan Hardbody pickup. I know you guys have the hook-up, so do you know anywhere that I can find more options for my truck? Thanks for all the help you can give me.
Robert Wunderlich
Priest River, Idaho

Hey, Robert,
We're always glad to help a new subscriber. As far as suspension components, check out AIM's vast selection of product at Since you don't own a late-model mini, it will be harder for you, so get creative and the finished result will be that much cooler. Grant Kustoms offers a roll pan and taillight fillers for your mini; check them out at T-Rex billet grilles also offers a cool billet phantom grille for your ride; you can find them at