Mild Drop
Dear MT,
I own an '03 Tacoma 2WD regular cab. What suspension components do I need to purchase to lower it 2-3 inches in the front and 3-4 inches in the rear, and still maintain the correct geometry? I know companies advertised in the magazine sell kits, but I wish to purchase only what is necessary. If the back is four-linked, do you use shocks and airbags, or just one of the two? I have been reading your magazine for years and just subscribed - hats off to you guys.
T. Thomas
via e-mail

Mr. T.,
Sorry, we couldn't resist. We got your answer after calling Mac's Springs in Highland, California. DJM makes a kit that consists of upper arms and antisway bar links up front, and blocks, U-bolts, and shims out back. This 2/4 drop has all the necessary components to lower your Taco' and keep the geometry intact. We say "necessary" because you don't want to try and take any shortcuts when it comes to dropping your brand-new ride. Call Godfather Customs at (800) 898-1240 to get any DJM lowering components and tell Hall Johnson that MT sent you. As far as your second question goes, we always recommend running shocks and airbags together to give you a better ride.

Cruisin' and Viewin'
Dear MT,
I've been reading this magazine since my high school days. I need to know how to bypass the emergency brake installation for the Alpine CVA-1003 so I can view movies while I'm cruising. The head unit is going into a '96 Tacoma. I read the Oct. '02 issue, but that wasn't one of the details included in the install. Thanks for any help you can offer.
The Long Horn
Houston, Texas

Mr. Horn,
Our good friend Brandon Smith happens to be a roadshop manager at the Norwalk, California, Circuit City, so we called him for the details. We don't recommend performing this type of install if it isn't legal in your state; it's expensive in California if you get pulled over for driving with the TV on, unless it's being used for navigational purposes. Alpine has made it a little more difficult with the new CVA-1003. To bypass the e-brake function, you'll need to pick up a three-prong switch at your local automotive store. Then, run a 12-volt source to the input of the switch (usually the middle prong). Next, the yellow-with-blue wire needs to be run to a chassis ground as well as to the ground (bottom prong) of the switch. The yellow-with-black wire should be routed to the other ground on the switch (top prong). Alpine made it so that you have to step on your foot brake, then engage your e-brake to be able to view movies and games. Flipping the switch on and off will simulate the brake tapping and e-brake pulling that the unit expects you to perform. If you have questions, call Brandon at (562) 405-3103 and tell him MT referred you. However, if it is illegal in your state to view movies while in motion, Circuit City won't perform the install - you're on your own.