When you first buy a truck, whether it's going to be a daily driver or your next custom project, you want to make it your own. Something about a bone-stock truck just begs for attention, saying, "Please change me."

Adding your own personality to the buildup of your truck is what customizing, and especially mini-truckin', is all about. The first upgrades are usually going to deal with the exterior of the truck.We teamed up with Trader's in Santa Fe Springs, California, to help us start our project in the right direction.

A couple of low-buck exterior additions were just what we were looking for. We decided to install a pair of Car Wear euro taillights coupled with a Street Scene Speed Grille insert to spruce things up. Follow along as the crew at Trader's made some minor upgrades that seriously improved the ever-dreaded stock look.

Street Scene Equipment
12691 Monarch St.
Garden Grove
CA  92811
Car Wear Inc.
6423 E. Washington Blvd.
CA  90040