One of the most frustrating times for a truck owner is when you need to park in a less than secure place and you have precious cargo stowed in the bed. There are two choices in this situation: drive all the way back home to unload the contents of the bed or throw caution to the wind and cross your fingers that no one rips off your cargo.

Neither of these choices is a good one, so we chose door number three, a Downey Products LTD (lift top design) soft tonneau cover. With the tonneau in place, no one can see what we are smuggling in the bed of our mini. Out of sight, out of mind, so to speak. The Downy cover has many benefits, including a quick installation, light weight, and ease of removal should you need to haul oversize cargo.

As an added benefit, having a tonneau cover will improve the truck's fuel economy by increasing the aerodynamics and decreasing wind resistance. To see how quick this tonneau could be installed, we took a trip to Devious Customs and made like flies on the wall as the company performed this install on a Toyota mini.